The Upper Tiber Valley is a welcoming place, made of traditions, nature, spirituality, good food, monuments, and events. It is a magic location to experience in every season, enjoying the strategic position of Residence Pettinaro and the several activities that it suggests and advices. During the summer, the Residence gifts leisure and relaxing experiences in its wonderful swimming pool and the inner green garden. Moreover, the territory adds thousands of opportunities to discover landscapes, lakes and amazing hamlets. In autumn, wine and oil smell fills up the countryside: a perfect occasion to let you surprise by the unique Umbrian tastes. Then, in winter, a lot of local markets and events adorn the charming towns and the lovely hamlets that surround Residence Pettinaro. Lastly, during the spring, woods and meadows bloom again by inspiring relaxing walks among the colourful fields. Whatever is your favourite season, this territory always offers something, and in whichever period of the year Residence Pettinaro knows how to advice at best its guests, by promoting the knowledge of the region and its peculiarities.

Pettinaro makes available for its guests a shuttle bus service for exits and activities in the territory: the price might vary according to the distance and the number of persons.